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Our current December mood is to be snuggled in bed and this young man's bed head look is bang on trend! We've all been bedding down at assouline dressage and the staff are having a great laugh trying to catch the best picture of a sleeping (beauty) equine! This was the picture that amused us the most this month! 
Winter has certainly arrived and even the dog has got her rug on!! San Diego V thought she looked very peculiar (smallest horse he has ever seen!)
San Diego V came out for a try at his new winter level of Prix St Georges, which is so exciting! I have worked with this horse from the very bottom and knowing we have grown together and to be competing in our first Prix St George class is such a huge accomplishment for him (And me!). We had some baby errors but I always try and prioritise a positive experience for the horses, especially when competing at a new level, that he felt comfortable and confident regardless of small errors. There was so many positive moments, which I think as riders we are far too quick to dismiss and focus on the moments we feel were negative, but his positives through the test far outweighed the 'blips' and the judges comments also reflect this! I am chomping at the bit to ride his next one, fingers crossed! 
The picture of the two horse and riders are me riding the flamboyant Fenwood (On the left) and Megan Assouline riding her pony Jamaj. We had a family outing mid month for more competing and with Fenwood after his adjustments, then a long and lovely holiday which allowed him to come out physically and mentally stronger. Both tests felt as though his maturity and confidence have grown (which was my hope after his down time) now it's time to grow up and so to come home with two red rosettes and a few 9's was certainly a good beginning! 
If anyone remembers last months judging picture, our yard cat sooty tried his hand at judging my muck heap stacking skills. This month instead, whilst looking extremely handsome, a 10/10 was his professional opinion! 
Oh and it's not a bad view! 
Hope you're all wrapped up warm and keeping cosy, let's be hoping for a white December and Happy Christmas to you all! 
I'm still riding the success of the National Championships we saw my client Susanna Wade getting righteous publicity with a little mention for me as top coach, friend and support in Horse & Hound. We have since been to a squad selection trials (End of October) so that our little threesome (the musketeers!) may be in squad contention for 2017. Fingers crossed we made a good impression! 
Mr Fenwood shows off his top and toes in the first of our adjustments this month. First off, a trim for the big handsome man and second off some new age shoes! 
Fenwood had a great season with me at Novice and Elementary level scoring often up and above of 70% on a regular basis and he has had a much deserved break (He is only 6 after all!!!). Now we are back in the arena, oiling the engine and cracking on! Time to have a competition schedule in the making for this talented horse for the next season, planning ahead is a crucial part of trying to juggle life here at Assouline dressage. 
Fenwood enjoys a snooze after a session this month!
I had to share this photo with you all, it's our lovely yard cat who after being fed a few regular meals at my doorstep has taken to camping out in the indoor and observing my rides, a great companion! He is my judge, perhaps I will get him a score sheet and get practising!!! The horses have had to get used to his little head popping out every so often #desensitization. 

Mid month fashion!!! Our great grooms sporting their seasonal outfits, stay away winter!!! Time for clipping, closed windows and indoor arena lights, not one of my favourite yearly adjustments, but at least we're all still smiling! 

The obligatory social photo of the month below, we had a great time at Natasha Bakers Rio celebration party (Pictured is Sophie Christiansen, myself and Charlotte Solange). I am also proud to say that FIreball; pictured in last months blog, has gone on to live with Natasha as her next competition ride, great things and the best of luck to the new combination. 
Till next time, 
My heart is fit to burst with the successes I have been part of this month! Firstly, the Paralympic dressage team. As some of you may know, I have been a pupil and head girl to Michel Assouline now for five years (The Paralympic dressage coach) and by heck have Team GB done a great job of it this year! I am honoured to call some of them friends and so unbelievably proud of Sophie Christiansens ride 'Athene' with whom I have a very special bond with from our own year of competing prior to her Paralympic career! 
The team is so inspiring and it's so nice to see my mentor Michel have such great success after putting his heart and soul into the job. It's really incredible stuff and the whole dressage world should stand and applaud  these tremendous athletes, horses and their support teams. 
Closer to home we also had huge celebrations due our very own Grade 1a rider Susanna Wade and her D'artagnan sweeping the board at the KBIS Para National Championships at Stoneleigh, not only claiming the Grade 1a title but securing the highest para score of the day, a huge 75.65%! 
Me sporting my Freddie Parker tee and D'artagnan sporting his prettiest face at the nationals ready for warm up
Me, D'artagnan and Susanna ready for the prize giving! 
I have ridden D'artagnan now for 14 months for Susanna and worked as her coach with her closely for 3 years at our Assouline base, with highs and lows (As we all have when it comes to horses!) throughout this period! It seemed however that the planets aligned for us this month and the three musketeers worked in perfect harmony for a sash, rug and rosette! What a huge achievement for Susanna, D'artagnan and myself! 
Finally, my own rides have been replenished with the arrival of two extremely charming 5year olds who we put through their paces at a local show. Both performed flawlessly gaining scores of 75+%, red rosettes and a bag of carrots each!!! First timers acting like old pro's! 


5year old new addition AD Tosca strutting his stuff! 

Second new addition 5 year old AD Fireball chilling after a very productive test! 

Till next time 


With the summer heat in full force here in Essex, we slapped on the factor 30 and trucked off to Keysoe The college with San Diego V to take part in the Advanced Medium Regional Finals. We had a great day and really pushed ourselves out of my usual comfort zone. My trainer Michel Assouline came along for some much appreciated help and support and we pulled a 6th place out of the bag with some amazing moments, including a walk pirouette for an 8 and an impromptu one time flying change! (Whoops!!!) He is really enjoying the level and growing stronger all the time, one day horse and rider will be in sync and it will all click (Don't we hope!).


Me and my friendly competition Toby Hewlett

It's so vital to have a trainer that is happy to accompany you, praise and offer positive feedback and reflection on riding performance and the whole day (Not just the outcome of the test) preparation, planning, time management and all the other components that make competing fun and hopefully stress free. I'm very lucky I have that in Michel and find that my horses also really excel from the support I receive.

For the first time in a long time I can say I've had an easy month with that being the only horsey outing and the weather being so beautiful, it's been 'horsey down time' and 'rider tan time'! Fenwood has had a 3 week break and getting strong after his busy summer and San Diego had a mini vacation after his regionals whilst I went on my summer holiday to Portugal.


Big booty Fenwood in his field

We are making the most of the fields here at Assouline dressage and letting horses be horses, with lots of hacking and turning out. It's so important that both horse and rider have rest and recovery, amateur or professional. So don't feel guilty about an extra glass of sangria on your summer holidays!! (To be fair, I didn't!).

Sangria time!

We kick off September with the para nationals for Susanna Wade and some local competing for winter qualifying points once we all work off our grass bellies! until next time!..."



Hosting a British Dressage in-hand clinic kicked off a rather hectic month for me, attending Assouline Dressage. We had 40 people come to watch our fabulous horses display everything from international vet trot ups, long reining, piaffe and passage in hand, it was such fun to be part of and San Diego and I were used as guinea pigs! So, I was quite embarrassed when we both were very confused about in-hand piaffe, but to be fair, we were the 'beginners' section!! Me and him were both in agreement that we did a cracking job in the end and everyone has to start somewhere!The basic aids are so vital with in-hand work and we learnt that not being greedy was the key to understanding, I was encouraged to praise him as soon as I received a forward reaction in the first stages and once confident he soon offered the half step which elated me, so so proud! 
San Diego is looking forward to his regional finals at Advanced Medium at the beginning of August and in good preparation we attended a test riding day at Keysoe EC, ran by Eastern BD and under the watchful eye of judge Mark Ruddock we steered around the 98 and did some amazing canter work, the pilot was a little deluded about the size of her walk pirouettes but Mark soon set me straight! The trot was the main point of focus and a sharp reminder that impulsion and activity are key to engagement we soon made huge improvements, its so interesting to receive and outside opinion from a fresh pair of eyes and to be given fresh 'tools' and techniques to improve the quality of the training. Lots and lots of learning! 
The end of the month saw me prepping my Whites and best competition attire...
Myself, Fenwood and his lovely (doting!) owners Angela and Steve trucked off down to Hickstead to ride in the Novice, Elementary regionals and also the international 6 year old final (flying changes and half pass... ahhh!). We had some unplanned movements on day one in the Novice that Fenwood wanted to show off in his excitement and comments included 'the most entertaining test of the day!'. Day two, and 3 arena walks later, produced a much calmer test with all 4 hooves staying where they should and horse and rider not trying to depart from one another, I was seeing improvements! By the third test we were well and truly in our stride and produced some quality work, tackling flying changes, half pass and walk pirouettes, a huge achievement for a 6 year old horse, especially one with Fenwood's sense of humour! 
Unfortunately the atmosphere (and a huge LED screen!) did prove to be a little overwhelming and we weren't in the rosettes, however it was a great weeks experience for us all that made Fenwood grow up, learn boundaries and grow in his confidence and by the end of the week, he was so happy to show off and listen to his pilot which showed huge improvements. We received so many comments of admiration from spectators and judges about his future ability, which is thrilling for myself and his owners and now we will just continue to get him relaxed in competition atmospheres and getting him used to being away from home. It is all planning and preparation for a very successful future for this horse! Thank you to his owners, the supporting staff at Assouline dressage and my fabulous sponsor Freddie Parker for their help and for believing in me :-) Jess

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